Generation 2020

To mobilize young people and to support their personal development by means of helping them to launch their own volunteer-driven creative project initiatives.

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Truly Together 2.0

The target group is young people (under 35) – representatives of NGOs in both rural and urban environments in four border regions of the Western Ukraine

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To positively influence the tourism market to increase the number of visitors to the border area through the establishment of an unofficial international tourism cluster

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15/02/2016 19:09

Join the Generation 2020 Creative Projects!

„When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. And one thing it takes to accomplish something is courage. “, said Walt Disney.

We believe that the young people, regardless of their study field or area of the work love to create. They create new things, make the old ones better, innovate and look for the new ways how these things can be done differently. There is difficult journey between the idea and the real result. In the Generation 2020 project we offer an opportunity to learn how to overcome this journey.

Together with the lead partner, Carpathian Foundation in Košice, Slovakia, we are opening the possibility for individuals, companies and organizations to participate in the project. Generation 2020 aims to teach young people how to realize their own ideas and to encourage their involvement in cooperation, including the international one.

Why get involved

  • Are you interested to look for innovative solutions and create things?
  • Do you like to do things differently?
  • Do you want to learn how could your ideas get real outlines?
  • Are you active in your neighbourhood, city or region, and being full of ideas for change?
  • Do you need to meet new like-minded people?
  • Are you interested to get inspired by experienced professionals?

Active participation is open to students, employed, unemployed, entrepreneurs and others aged 15 to 30 years. If you are in this group, log on filling in your name and email address (click on this link) until March 3rd.

Our aim in the project Generation 2020 is to encourage innovative thinking of young people. We intend to achieve this by realization of creative projects in teams. Creative projects will focus on solving real problems and needs of the organizations and companies involved on the other side of the project. As an example of similar creative collaborations you can look for “Hackathon” (programming), or “Maker fair” (designers) creative events.

How will the cooperation in creative projects look like

  • We will choose problems and challenges with companies and organizations, looking for creative and innovative approach
  • We will select 50 participants (young people) and team up approx. five 10-member groups. Each group will have assigned mentors from marketing, IT and creative (and cultural) industries. In the selection of participants will take into account your particular interest, enthusiasm and passion (Write us now. The number of places is limited!).
  • Each team will have one intention assigned, and together will construct an inventive solution – working on the specific project creatively and learning to change ideas into reality.
  • Mentors and topic-tailored trainings (for example marketing, creative thinking, problem solving, design basics or other areas) will help you in your work.

Generation 2020 project has been launched at the conference “Young and Creative: Let’s do things differently!”, about which you can read here. More about the project can also be found on the website of the Carpathian Foundation Ukraine.

We will answer your questions on creative projects if you will write to

Registration form for individuals can be found here:FORM

02/02/2016 15:17

Carpathian Foundation Ukraine and Carpathian Foundation Slovakia within Truly Together 2.0 launch the Conference

Carpathian Foundation Ukraine and Carpathian Foundation Slovakia within Truly Together 2.0 launch the Conference that is bringing together representatives of the state government, self-government and young representatives of non-profit organizations from both rural and urban areas of Chernivtsi, L’viv, Ivano-Frankivs’k and Zakarpattia oblasts. The participants will have a chance  to debate the practices of civic society development and de-centralization process of the public administration reform while Slovak experience will be presented as an inspiration. The program and the details may be obtained here conference_program

28/12/2015 20:18

Заключна конференція в рамках проекту CARAT

Днями в м.Кошіце (Словаччина) відбулася підсумкова конференція міжнародного проекту CARAT, метою якого було здійснення позитивного впливу на ринок туризму та збільшення кількості відвідувачів у Карпатський регіон шляхом створення неформального міжнародного туристичного кластеру. акож малося на меті виконання партнерських  проектів, що сприятимуть розвитку туристичних продуктів регіону.


В рамках конференції були представлені основні надбання проекту, подальші перспективи та обговорено шляхи подолання перепон у його реалізації. Крім того, було обговорено напрямки співпраці та спільних дій між туристичними проектами різного масштабу, що реалізуються на території прикордонних регіонів Словаччини та України.

Завдяки діяльності проекту було досягнуто відповідні результати: після збору даних та проведення порівняльного дослідження, розроблено спільну стратегію туристичної дестинації, що поєднує 4 регіони України, Словаччини, Угорщини та Румунії і визначає спільний знаменник (продукт) – автентичний культурний туризм. Матеріали, розробки та дослідження проекту, а також рекламні фільми згодом будуть будуть доступні на нашому сайті.