About Us

historyCarpathian Foundation is a unique non profit regional foundation that supports projects resulting in improved quality of life in cities and rural communities of the Carpathian region.

Carpthian Foundation was created in 1994 and since its creation has been providing grants and technical assistance to communities and local governments mainly in Zakarpats’ka, Ivano-Frankivs’ka, Lvivs’ka, and Chernivets’ka oblasts of Ukraine. Transitions of the social field and social services, as well as community development are the main focus of the grant programs. Another priority area of the Carpathian Foundation is support of tourism development in the border regions.

The Carpathian Foundation aims at building good neighborly relation, social stability and promoting economic progress  in the border territories of Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovakia.

Carpathian Foundation Ukraine is a member of the International Carpathian Foundation Network (ICFN). ICFN is a network of four independent foundations serving the Carpathian Euroregion and at the moment, ICFN includes Carpathians Foundartionfs from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. It serves as a platform for international  projects, provides assistance to disadvantaged groups and supports the development of diverse and multi-ethnic communities and open societies in the Carpathian Euroregion.

The Carpathian Foundation does not provide financial support to individuals, as well as it has not empowered the third parties doing this. 

The address of Carpathian Foundation:

21, Shevchenko alley, office 1, Uzhgorod, Ukraine