“Not only a successful marriage should be the priority, but also personal development.” More than 90% of Roma do not finish school, only 6% have a complete general secondary or vocational education and only a few have a higher education. The helping hand is working to solve this problem on the basis of gymnasium №14.

Ruslana Pazukhanych, a representative of the NGO Helping Hand, told how the project “Confident in Prosperity” is being implemented.

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In addition, the Project has another direction outside Uzhhorod – the activities of Berehovo Secondary School №7. Classes are held with children 4-7 years old, as well as older children aged 14-17. Classes are held on Wednesdays every two weeks at Berehovo Secondary School.

Classes on numbers, making details (development of fine motor skills), the beginnings of writing are held. Hygiene, health (girls), family planning and readiness for marriage and pregnancy are also taught to older children.