Early Childhood Development Program – Partners’ Meeting

On June 11, 2020 Carpathian Foundation hosted a first meeting of the Early Childhood Developemnt Program partners.  The main actors of  the project include those civil society and educational organizations being active and experienced in work with Roma kids and  community. In particular we talk about Transcarpathia Charitable Foundation „Blago“, acting since 2003 and presented by Ms Eleonora Kulchar; Charitable Foundation “Center for Civic Initiatives” established in 1996 and presented by Andriy Vyshniak, the Chairman; “TOUCH Project” Uzhgorod created in 2001 prsented by coordinators Mila Boryns’ka and Viktoria Symulyk; Civil organization Hand of Help, created in 2011 by teachers of Uzhgorod school #14 (segregated school) and presented By Roman Stoyka; and Multidisciplinary lyceum Intellect, I-III level secondary school # 11 of Uzhgorod City Council presnted by the principle Natalia Makara.

Natalia Beley, the project ccordinator, presented the overall goal and project activities, events and the expected results. Altogether participants have discussed issues and challenges related to the COVID – 19 pandemic in Ukraine and abroad. Ruslan Zhylenko has talked about Safeguarding policy and its integration into work of the project partners.

The participants have discussed further activities and workplan, addressed technical issues related to micro-grnats implementation. Presnt meeting has become a launching initiative towards activities for esteblishing and strenthening partneships and networks in the field of support and socialization of Roma community.