The Carpathian Foundation is holding a round table in order to involve stakeholders in discussing the problems of early childhood development of Roma children, identifying the main challenges in this area and possible ways to overcome them. At this event, the partner organizations will present a project and their own approaches to early childhood development. It is proposed to discuss the possibilities of cooperation of the project with other stakeholders (health care services, schools, local governments, social workers and psychologists, NGOs provided services, representatives of the Roma community) and prospects for dissemination of experience.

As the Project covers various aspects of early childhood development (responsible parenting, infant care, preschool and school education), for effective discussion, as well as due to quarantine restrictions, it is planned to hold at least 2 round tables with the involvement of relevant specialists.

The first round table will take place on August 31, 2020, at 11 a.m. in the conference hall of the Emigrand restaurant – https://emigrand.com/.

More information about the Project can be found on the website of the Carpathian Foundation www.carpathianfoundation.org.ua or from the coordinator Natalia Beley nataliya.beley@cfoundation.org, 050 665 56 81.