Early Childhood Development Program

Carpathian Foundation launches a Project that works towards ensuring social inclusion of Roma people by developing, testing and replicating operating models of early childhood development in Zakarpattia oblast. The intention is to support development of new and improvement of existing holistic approaches for improving life in Roma communities that successfully combine the creation of real opportunities, connecting of local stakeholders and the work on removing barriers between the majority and the Roma minority.

Roma community certainly is the most vulnerable part of Transcarpathian society. This strongly affects early development of Roma children, depriving them of many basic rights and opportunities such as descent medical care and housing, education and sanitarium conditions etc. Many children grow up in environment of generational poverty, total illiteracy, and social exclusion. Meanwhile the official institutions do not consider special situation of Roma children and do not tend to try new approaches. This makes Roma and pro-Roma organizations, and professionals directly working with the target group the main driving force of changes. The project aims to support their efforts by fostering new approaches, providing micro-grants, sharing local and foreign experience, and bringing expertise. One of the key elements of the project is the cooperation with the Slovak and Hungarian partners who will assist to introduce and adopt these new approaches, as well the cooperation between grantees to make the implementation process  well-coordinated and highly efficient. Project implementation period – June 2020 to May 2021. The overall budget is 100 000 euro.

The key project activities occur:

  • ensuring effective cooperation all the partners and stakeholder including local authorities:
  • knowledge and exeperience tranfer from the foreign partners (trainings and study visits);
  • grant support for 5 project of prior selected NGOs;
  • promotion and dissemination of the approach, as well as other activities for overcoming stereotypes towards Roma community.

Detailed information may be obtained at the Foundation’s and partners’ web-sites.