Generation 2020

In September 2015, the Carpathian Foundation and its partners have launched an implementation of a large cross-border project Generation 2020. The Project has been funded by the Norway Grants and Slovak Republic in the SK08 Program Cross – border Cooperation.

The Foundation is convinced that creativity has its place in all walks of life and not just in culture. Creativity in everyday life helps people to look at things with a different set of eyes and makes them more open to all different opportunities and partnerships.

Project Purpose 

To mobilize young people and to support their personal development by means of helping them to launch their own volunteer-driven creative project initiatives. The Project will also support their cooperation and participation in local and regional development.

The Project targets young people aged 15-30 from the Zakarpattyia region in Ukraine and from Eastern Slovakia who are high school students, university and college students or jobless. An additional target group are teachers, artists and professionals from cultural and creative industry who will take a part in the project activities.

The ultimate goal of the Project is to create a cross-border youth group, Carpathian Regional Youth Council who will be the bearers of the Project purpose into the future. The Foundation will continue providing support to the group and integrating regional and local key stakeholders into youth work.

The Project will facilitate creation of an innovative platform of young people actively participating in public affairs, decision-making processes and in their own development. This partnership network will be created by a transfer of know-how and best practices of the Barents Youth Council, Norway.

Project activities include:

Organization of Creative Days in Košice, Slovakia and Uzhgorod, Ukraine with the purpose to identify local and regional issues which need to be approached in cooperation with regional stakeholders. These are networking and match-making events. The Creative Days will result in Creative Projects that the young project participants will come up with and implement to approach real-life issues local governments, schools, public institutions etc.