The Center for Public Initiatives is implementing the project “Good Parents – Happy Children”, aimed at raising awareness of Roma parents about the care of young children and the level of knowledge of Roma women about the pre- and postnatal period.
In particular, they discussed the implemented steps and planned activities for the near future. The project “Good parents – happy children” provides training for family doctors (general practitioners) of Perechyn and Turia-Remetivska OTG, doctors of Perechyn hospital on the psychological characteristics of working with Roma; organization and holding of information meetings of gynecologists and pediatricians with adolescents and women of childbearing age of Roma nationality in their places of compact residence on pre- and postnatal issues; holding discussion meetings of young people in the settlements of OTG (where there is a compact residence of Roma); organization of the club “Future Mother”.
As part of the project, grantees have already developed, printed and distributed information booklets for representatives of the target group, held a friendly meeting of young people from different ethnic groups in Perechyn.
The project is implemented within the framework of the Program for Support of Early Childhood Development Program, implemented by the Carpathian Foundation (Uzhhorod).