The mission of Carpathian Foundation

Mission of the Carpathian Foundation Ukraine is to empower people and communities of the Carpathian Region of Ukraine transforming it into a place where people are proud to live in.

Carpathian Foundation Ukraine strives to meet the following objectives:

  • Strengthen local democracy and assist the development of local communities;
  • Enhance the capacity of non-profit and local government organizations to address community and regional needs;
  • Promote cooperation between non-governmental organizations, local governments, and businesses;
  • Promote cross-border and interethnic cooperation;
  • Facilitate sharing of information and the replication of best models;
  • Revitalize disadvantaged regions by fostering integrated community development, cross-border and interethnic cooperation.

Carpathian Foundation Ukraine supports and undertakes different initiatives by participating in the partner programs and by providing financial and technical assistance to grassroots NGOs in two key area of interests: social protection (children, vulnerable and marginalized groups, social entrepreneurship) and community development (e.g. youth, decentralization issues). The Foundation is focused on support for organizational development of NGOs providing direct services to the clients.