Social transition Program in Western Ukraine and Foster Care Program

Carpathian Foundation Ukraine in partnership with Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe (CNF CEE) finishes the social Transition program in Western Ukraine and Foster Care Program in 2012
The objective was to support the process of social transition by providing financial support to the community initiatives of local grass-rout NGOs. The NGOs should promote innovative and pro-active approach to the local social problem solving.

• mobilization of the social potential of the region;
• development of new social networks and social partnerships;
• promotion of voluntary work in society;
• inspiration to a self-help approach to the local problem solving;
• strengthening the capacity of the charitable NGOs and their input to community development;
• encouragement of collaboration among charitable NGOs, local governments and businesses;
• development of community philanthropy and social responsibility;
• Promotion of regional and cross-border co-operation among social-oriented NGOs;
• Promotion of community and regional development.
• Deinstitutionalization of child care system.

The main topics of the Program

Target groups
Vulnerable groups; people with limited possibilities, mentally and physically disabled in particular; children; women; youth; elderly; orphans and children deprived from parental care; foster parents; unemployed; marginalized groups; poor; homeless, people with HIV/AIDs; national minorities; other socially challenged people.

Program budget
As a rule, the Program supported projects in the range of €10 000 to €15 000, in exceptional cases the grant amount may be bigger. Grants will be awarded on an on-going basis. Either Carpathian Foundation or CNF-CEE do not accept proposals within this program.

Application form, budget and call for proposal may be downloaded only for information.


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Проекти, підтримані в рамках Програми соціальних перетворень в Західній Україні і програми підтримки ДБСТ та прийомних сімей за 2002-2010 роки.


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