On May 24, 2021, the Carpathian Foundation together with the Department of General Pedagogy and Higher School Pedagogy, the Department of Sociology and Social Work of Uzhhorod National University jointly held a training seminar on the problem of early development of children in the Roma community of Transcarpathia. Ms. Eleonora Kulchar, Director of Charity Fund “Blago”, acquainted the audience with the programs of early development of Roma children and their preparation for school. Teachers of this educational institution shared their practical experience of working with Roma children on the basis of Uzhhorod Gymnasium №14. Director of  “Intellect-Lyceum” Makara Nataliya presented the results of the implementation of the practice of Roma assistants in schools. As the event was held in a mixed format, in addition to the teachers and masters of the mentioned departments present in the hall, teachers from different schools of the region, representatives of the Transcarpathian Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education took part in the online discussion.